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Which subscription does what?

Verfasst: 30. Dez. 2020, 17:11
von User-442
I've set up roomskills for my logitech media server, and have found the experience simple and pleasant,( after battling for weeks with a similar control which gave me random playlists at 4am on a number of memorable nights!)

However, try as I might, I can't figure out which of the three services ( free, basic or advanced) I need to activate to get reasonable control over the server. I have printed out the list of commands (26 by my reckoning) available to control the media server, but there doesnt seem to be a list, anywhere, of which commands are activated under each of the services. As far as I can tell, only setting the standard room, starting and stopping are available on the free subscription.

I really don't need complex commands such as playing albums by an artist or the like. If comparatively simple commands such as volume up/down and play next are available, I'd be happy with that.

I also notice that only the basic command package is available direct from Amazon. Does this mean that they don't support or approve the advanced package?

CAN anyone point me in the right direction please?

Re: Which subscription does what?

Verfasst: 07. Jan. 2021, 14:27
von Roomskills-Com
Hello and sorry for the late reply,

yes our english description needs urgently an update sorry - I will get to it as fast as I can. For anyone in a similar situation - please use our contact form or send an email to and we try to help as quick as we can.

In regard to your question:

- MyMusic Echo - provides the possibility to play music from a Logitech Media Server to Echo Speakers requires Basic.
- Voice Control for Logitech Media Server Players using the Roomskills Voicecontrol or Home Control Skill requires Advanced
- Voicecontrol using the Roomskills Smarthome Devices skill which is more intended to controling smarthome devices but can still turn playes on, off as well as set device volumes depends on the number of controled devices (0-2 devices = Free, 3- 5 = Basic, 6-8 = Advanced, 9-200= Pro).

I hope this helps,

Have fun with Roomskills

Ingo from Rommskills

Re: Which subscription does what?

Verfasst: 08. Jan. 2021, 13:51
von User-442
Hi Ingo

Thank you for the reply. While i now know which package I need ( the advanced) I still can't find a) how much it costs or b) where to get it.

The shop on the website ( shows all three packages to be out of stock ( software licenses-out of stock?) and as I said in my original post, only the basic (free) license is available from Amazon as far as I can tell.

The package does seem to be doing what I want as far as I can tell, with the limited functionality available, and I am keen to consider a full license, subject to cost of course.

Am I missing something?

Re: Which subscription does what?

Verfasst: 08. Jan. 2021, 16:40
von Roomskills-Com

sorry again - yes we urgently need to update the website in English.

Now to your question: The package can be booked under 'Account' on the Roomskills Website at

You can also always switch between the packages there with the remaining time always being adjusted accordingly. You find the link as well in the Shop even so the shop is meant for physical products. But we put them there with a link where they actually can be bought. I addition you find this question answered under FAQ on our main website ("Where can I book the packages").

Anyhow, please try the product for a month. I just upgraded your account to Advanced and I hope you will like it.

Ingo from Roomskills

Re: Which subscription does what?

Verfasst: 10. Jan. 2021, 15:09
von Roomskills-Com

I just wanted to let all of you know, that the update on our product descriptions on our Website are ready. We created a separate page for every product and we are curious to hear what you think. Please let us know.

For the product from this thread "Musiccontrol LMS" you find the product page at ... ntrol_lms/.

I hope it helps

Ingo from Roomskills